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[RELEASE] Mikazuki Kottouhinten no Kanban Neko Chapter 2

Hi guys! We're proud to give you Mikazuki Chapter 2! Hope you enjoy it! We're also having a poll on which series you would like us to release next! Check it out on our Twitter! RAW Provider: Haruomi Translator: Linzz Cleaner: Yaoism801 Typesetter: Noraham Download: Links

Ongoing, Releases, Yagi to Ookami no Hatsujou Jijou

[RELEASE] Yagi to Ookami no Hatsujou Jijou Chapter 1

We've just released chapter 1 of another project! You can check out the links for it in the archive for Yagi to Ookami no Hatsujou Jijou. This is a joint project with Fujoshis Sisters. RAW Provider: Fujoshis Sisters Translator: Linzz Cleaner: Noraham Dick Redrawer: Noraham Typesetter: Haruomi Download: Link

Hi no Ataranai Basho, Pick-up

[PICK-UP] Hi no Ataranai Basho

  We decided to pick-up Tatsumo Mio's Hi no Ataranai Basho (Under The Shade)! Please look forward to it! Synopsis: “Even after that, I still waited here for you.” Hiroya has a severed alergy of the sun and he has hidden feelings towards his classmate, Takuto. “Why was I born like this?” It has been… Continue reading [PICK-UP] Hi no Ataranai Basho

Pick-up, Sekai no Oto ga Shinai

[PICK-UP] Sekai no Oto ga Shinai

  We decided to pick-up Ii Ichino's Sekai no Oto ga Shinai (No Sound World)! Look forward to it! Synopsis: Sennen is quite popular and yet he has nothing he could get himself into and had no experience of falling in love. This made Sennen annoyed with himself. One after school, he found Noiri in… Continue reading [PICK-UP] Sekai no Oto ga Shinai